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"Webopts has really been an asset in helping our company grow. The site they developed for us not only receives a large amount of traffic, but a large amount of quality traffic. They are fast, efficient and professional..."

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Typical Scenario

Joe S. is an attorney who has a general practice in Dallas. He heard about website optimization through a friend of his who is also an attorney. Joe is immediately interested and sees a lot of potential in online marketing. He already has a website and is currently in a contract with Large Marketing Company for Attorneys ‘example’ or (LMCA). LMCA is hosting his website and has him listed in their Dallas directory. Joe wonders if they can optimize his website and calls his rep at LMCA. The rep tells Joe that they do offer a Search Engine Optimization ‘package’. This package includes many bells and whistles and professional, technical-sounding terminology. The package is VERY expensive and will be paid up front for the year.

Joe thinks about the situation and the cost. He feels more comfortable working with a company he is already familiar with, so he decides to invest the money with LMCA and is hopeful about the outcome.

Four months later, Joe’s website still has not seen the front page of any of the major search engines. Joe is furious and is actually considering suing LMCA. His account rep at LMCA has quit, and he is having a difficult time getting a hold of anyone there. When he has gotten someone on the phone, they dance around the issue and tell him what they have done for him. One thing they have done is optimize his site under his name, so that when someone types in ‘Joe S. attorney’, his website comes up first. Joe realizes that this is useless because the whole point of website optimization is to target clients who have not heard of you and are making their first effort to find an attorney in Dallas to represent them.

Another six months go by, and Joe has all but forgotten about the optimization. He still has not seen the front page of any of the major search engines under frequently searched terms like ‘Dallas criminal attorney’ or ‘Dallas DUI attorney’. He has been getting a call here and there from his directory listing, and actually got a few decent cases out of it. He now believes that Search Engine Optimization does not work.

Another month goes by and Joe is almost out of his contract with LMCA. His phone rings and it’s a sales rep from Webopts. Joe is skeptical to say the least. He vents angrily about his experience with LMCA. The Webopts sales rep understands Joe’s frustration and tells him that he hears complaints like this all the time about LMCA and other large companies that take advantage of lawyers. The Webopts rep goes on to explain how Search Engine Optimization really works. He tells Joe the truth about how long it will take Webopts to rank his site, and what Webopts will need from him to make it happen. The rep tells Joe what the most productive terms for his practice areas are and how many times per month these terms are being searched. Joe learns that by going after the most sought after terms, he will eventually dominate the online market in Dallas and see a huge return on his investment.

Webopts lets Joe get started with one term that costs him a fraction of the price that LMCA charged. When Joe hits the front page under his chosen term and starts making money, he decides to purchase additional terms (at a lower cost) to target clients with different types of cases. When Joe gets into the top five listings of the major search engines under several different practice areas, he is dominating the online market in Dallas. He finds himself referring cases out to other attorneys and hiring paralegals to help him with his increasing case load.

A year has gone by and Joe is renewing his contract with Webopts. He has even given a testimonial on Webopts’ website and takes reference calls now and then from attorneys who are considering working with them. Joe has not only made money from his investment, but saved money that he used to spend on phone book ads and other less lucrative forms of advertising. It has all been a learning experience and he wishes he would have known about Webopts in the first place.