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What Search Engines Do (continued)

Search Engines Explained

What are search engines?

A search engine is a database of resources extracted from the Internet through an automated "crawling" process. This database is searchable through user queries.

How does a search engine work?

Words or phrases you enter in the search box are matched to resources in the search engine's database that contain your terms. These are then automatically sorted by their probable relevance and presented with the most "relevant" web sites appearing first.

How are search results are organized?

Once a search engine has used your search terms to gather "hits" from its database, it lists or "ranks" the resulting web sites in order of its own estimation of their relevance. The procedures and factors used to create this ranking are often company secrets, so understanding exactly why one hit is listed higher than another is difficult.

Who uses search engines?

Search engines have become an increasingly important part of the online experience of American Internet users. WebOpts has done thorough research to ensure its customers are equipped with the necessary information to effectively conduct search engine marketing. By compiling detailed market data we are able to consider a myriad of factors that influence consumer’s behavior.

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